I have a craving for soft pretzels hmm goodnight

Luke Newberry (x)




Stunning Vine video of aurora borealis lights lighting up the Earth as Orion rises in the background as seen from the ISS.

Credit: NASA Astronaut Reid Wiseman

A reminder of how beautiful our planet looks from the outside, indifferent to all of the unnecessary and artificial conflicts going on amidst a single species below…

this is one small step for man, and one giant leap for the vine

omg I just finished orphan black and omgomgomgomgomg holy shit I totally called it but not like that and I am freaking out

Anonymous asked:
if i was your girlfriend (and if you were into that) we would go on a cute date to an aquarium and take goofy pictures with the fish and in those little bubble things they have and laugh at the weird fish and people and maybe stop and sit somewhere and just hold hands and watch the people pass or the fish swim around and talk about anything and everything


I love aquariums, man, and I would totally be into doing every bit of that with you thank you ;______; <3

I knew [In The Flesh] was a beautiful, beautiful, original script. Beautifully written and it was very original and different from anything else., I knew that. But I didn’t quite expect the following it would gain around the world and stuff. That’s totally mad and really exciting.

If I was your boy/girlfriend…finish in my ask.


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